District NRDMS Center
B'lore Urban Zilla Panchayath
S. Kariappa Road

Bangalore Urban District

Bangalore - 560 070



The Bangalore Urban district NRDMS Centre was established in the year 2003 at Office of the Bangalore Urban Zilla Panchayath with financial support from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Implemented by K.S.C.S.T, Bangalore with active support from Department of Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka. The main objective of the centre is to create the digital database on Natural resources, Demography, Agro & Socio economy and infrastructure facilities  of the  District to provide analysed information to the district administrators, Zilla panchayath, line departments, Academic institutions and NGOs in Natural resources management and  rural development planning with the help of  GIS  and other advanced scientific technologies.

Activities carried out at District NRDMS Centre

  • The primary objective of District NRDMS Centre under NRDMS Project is to create Extensive database on Spatial Database (Maps) and Non-Spatial Database (Attribute data) of Natural Resources, Socio & agro-economic parameters and Infrastructure facilities of the district after collating from the line departments and other organizations and it is been updating regularly based on nature of availability of data and requirements.

  • The NRDMS Centre has been assisting the District administration, Zilla Panchayath, line departments, NGO's and Academic institutions by providing analysed information in the form of maps, graphs, charts and technical reports which are self-explanatory and more informative based on the requirements.

  • The NRDMS Centre also assists District administration in preparing Legislative and Parliamentary Assembly Constituency wise Location and Jurisdiction of Polling stations with Numbers and type of polling booths along with route maps to carry polling personnel and materials as required by DC to be submitted to Election commission and Observers.

  • Preparation of updated maps on Rainfall, Crops, Ground water table in comparison with previous years and Drinking water facilities as required by District administration.

  • Digitization and creation of Contours on 1:50,000 scale based on SOI toposheets as per directions of DST, GOI. 

  • Updation of data on Infrastructure facilities like drinking water, schools, medical facilities, rain fall, water quality, ground water and other details of the district.

  • Preparation of HIV infected and other maps related to AIDS for the department DAPC.

  • Assisted Planning section of Zilla .Panchayath in preparing maps under Project Implementation Programme of Total Sanitation Campaign project of GOI, by providing location of Toilet facilities of all taluks and villages selected under TSC programme  as directed by CPO, ZP.

  • Preparation of MI Tanks location  maps for Chief Planning officer, Zilla panchayath..

  • Preparation of 198 ward maps of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike of Bangalore Urban District.

  • Preparation of updated TP and ZP constituency maps for ZP/TP election and submitted to CEO, ZP, Bangalore Urban district.

  • Monitoring of SECC -2011 Project as per the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, Zilla panchayath, Bangalore Urban district.

  • Preparation of Data Dictionary of Bangalore district NRDMS Centre as per the direction of the Executive Secretary, KSCST, Bangalore during July 2012.

  • Data Updation on Schools/Anganwadi's, Rainfall, PHCs as instructed by the Chief Planning Officer, Zilla panchayath , Bangalore Urban district.




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